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A Sandstorm Adventure | Calgary Family Photographer

Calgary Family Session

A sweet fall Kananaskis session was just what I needed. This family truly inspired me and if I could plan a session to go exactly how I wanted, this would be it.

This wonderful family travelled to Kananaskis for their Calgary family session in the mountains! Our day started off by realizing that the entrance to the location I planned was closed for construction and there was zero cell service to call and make a new plan (insert a minor freak out of “what the heck do we do now!?”), so I waited on the side of the road and hoped that the car I waived down had the right people inside, and luckily it did! We chose a new spot on a whim and backtracked to a different sandy spot. This area is always quite windy, but this day was particularly breezy! On days like this you never know how the family will feel about the weather or if the little ones will have no part in it. But let me tell you, these three showed up! They embraced the wind blown hair, the sand in their eyes, and the icy breeze, blessing me with one of my favorite sessions this year. I always ask that my families come prepared to get dirty, embrace the chaos. and enjoy this wild ride. And that’s exactly what these 3 did. I absolutely love being a Calgary and Banff Family Photographer!

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