I am so excited to meet you and capture your storytelling session! A session with me is focused on taking the time to slow down and really appreciate long embraces, the quiet moments and the connection and love your family shares. During our session we intentionally make time to say the words we don’t always say. We will slow down, we will breathe in our beautiful babies, and we will embrace whatever this day blesses us with. Today is a day that you will remember forever. You wil look back years from now and this will be one of your favorite memories of you and your children. It will be raw and authentic, and this is your story. I want to show that you lived passionately and loved wildly.

• Take advantage of your online stylist

You will see that I mention this a few times through-out your guide because I absolutely believe that coordinating outfits is one of the most important (and usually the most stressful) parts of planning your family session! Included in your collection is access to your own personal online stylist that dresses the entire family! It’s an amazing (free to you!) tool that I think every family should take advantage of!

• Prepare your family

When Dads show up to a photoshoot they almost always look at the camera and smile (and work hard to get the kids to do the same!), so preparing the family for a lifestyle documentary session is very beneficial. Be prepared to adventure around and connect together as a family. This is just a fun family outing, and a photographer (Me!) just happens to be there documenting that. Prep the kids days in advance and let them know the games we will play and adventures that we will go on!

• Let them be little

Let’s let them be little! I want you to remember this carefree time in your children’s life and I want to capture them for who they are in this exact moment. I want them running in tall grass with sticks, throwing rocks in the water, playing barefoot in the mud, getting dirty, blowing dandelions, and most of all just being kids! That’s what this session is all about and probably a big part of why you chose me as your photographer. Micromanaging little ones (especially toddlers) can be detrimental to your session. If they cry and need snuggles, let’s take advantage of that and soak up those sweet moments.

• Slow down + Engage

Understand that we are not just stopping in a location for a quick pose, and onto the next. We will roam, adventure, and be in the moment. We are in no hurry to go anywhere, and the best images come from the quiet intimate moments that can only happen when we allow ourselves to slow down and be vulnerable. Think as if you are cuddling on the couch...breathe your children in, touch their hair, and fall into this moment with them. Engage your little ones by playing, twirling, running circles, dancing, asking questions, telling jokes, and the list goes on.

• What time will our session take place?

Vancouver sessions have a bit more flexibility due to shaded areas along the coast.
Morning Sessions - My morning sessions take place at Whytecliff Park. This is one of my favorite locations and I love that we can start our session after breakfast when the kids are ready to head out for a fun adventure! This is my most favorite time with a bright but shaded beach.
Sunset Sessions - I understand that late nights with toddlers can be scary (I have 3), but I promise you that we will have an incredible time! I find that a later than normal nap in the day can make a big difference for the littlest ones. Playing outdoors, eating snacks, and not micromanaging the session also helps them enjoy their time, even if its past bedtime! If it happens to be overcast on the day of your session, we can absolutely start earlier! Not convinced? Check out my galleries in the menu above, you would never know that all these toddler sessions started after bedtime!


Session fee of $295+GST is due at the time of booking. The session fee is non-refundable and is required to secure your date and time with me. This fee covers my time and talent, travel, and online personal stylist with client wardrobe. Digital images are not included in this price. This pricing structure allows my families to invest only in the images that they love. Please see my digital gallery collections below.




6 Images delivered through an online gallery for you to download, print, and share.



15 Images delivered through an online gallery for you to download, print, and share.



Your full collection of 60+ Images delivered through an online gallery for you to download, print, and share.



I am so thrilled to offer my clients exclusive access to my online stylist. Mom’s also have access to all dresses in my client wardrobe, which can be found directly in the stylist wardrobe options. Access will be given once your session is secured.


To secure your session date a non-refundable session fee of $295+GST and a signed contract are required.


Your online gallery will be delivered to your email within 6 weeks of your session date. Please download your gallery in multiple places for safe keepings. Your images will be ready for immediate download, and your gallery will stay active for 3 months.

Your online personal stylist


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